5 Easy Tips to Lose Weight

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October 14, 2021 0 Comments

In a world that seems to be getting more and more complicated every day, it can be hard to stay focused on a specific goal. What that means is that if you’re serious about wanting to lose weight, it will be harder for you to find help.

For the most part, losing weight is a solo act. Make the decision to do something about it and you’ll find that a weight loss coach can help you stick to your guns and reach your weight loss goal.

If you’ve ever tried to weight loss on your own, you know the true struggle behind it. It’s trying to fit exercise into your already busy schedule while trying to find time to cook healthy meals, or finding the motivation to get up and out the door.

Let a coach help you

  1. Practice contagious talk.

If you want to reach your weight loss goal, it’s important for you to Notrichyou instead of relying on your innate ability to resist temptation. In other words, if you go on a trip and you don’t bring any change with you–what happens to those cookies lying on the counter? Even if you had just a few, you might find yourself thumbing them down before you realize it. One of the great advantages of working with a weight loss coach is the practice of contagious talk.

You can practice this with cookies too. After you eat a handful of cookies, you need to tell your coach immediately how many cookies you ate. Then tell your coach right after you leave the room, and your coach will be standing there with a bag of fresh cookies in one hand. In fact, you may need to do this with every tablespoon of sugary or fatty food that he or she brings into the office!

  1. Bring a healthy snack with you.

When you’re hungry, the first thing most people turn to is junk food. However, make it easy on yourself and prepare yourself a healthy snack that is easy to pack. Have trail mix at home that you can grab on your way out the door.

When you bring your own snack in a Ziplock bag, you can avoid the convenience of Jack in the Box or Taco Bell. Most taco pulls are around 300 calories, while a healthy snack like sunflower seeds and blueberries is under 40. In addition, a container of chips is not only high in calories, but it also has elements that will make your body accumulate fat instead of getting rid of it.

  1. Take the stairs.

When you have an option, take the stairs. You can burn about 6 calories per flight of stairs in the course of a 30-minute period. If you live in a home, go up and down the stairs a total of 5 times, no matter how many numbers you put on your timer. It’s best if you walk up the stairs and then walk back down. This will help you strengthen your leg muscles, increasing the amount of each legwork you do each day.

  1. Think positive.

One great way to get past the negative thinking that can enter your head when you’re trying to lose weight is to emphasize the good changes in your life. That can make you feel successes even if the scale doesn’t budge. If you fixate on each day’s achievements, you’ll feel like you’re making a real difference.

  1. Do one transform.

With lots of stuff to deal with, we often choose to deal with only one thing we see as obstacles. Don’t do that. Each and every day you make a choice to live a more fulfilling life. Sometimes you choose to deal with anger. Some days you might want to spend time meditating on self-esteem. Find what works for you, and spend some quiet time every day feeling proud of your successes, and filled with self-love.

Following these five easy tips will get you feeling thin and on the way to a long life. Follow the advice, and you will never need to put on the pounds again!

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